A downloadable game for Windows

WASD: Movement,

Left Click: Fire

Space: Melee / Roll

Massacre the demon hordes to color in cute shapes with their remains.  Make daddy proud by keeping all the blood inside the lines and filling the shapes all the way up.

Thank You.

Web Version: http://www.benp.tech/msgcb/


ZenShotgunWallArt.zip 29 MB
Ludum Dare 41 Version 18 MB
MagicShotgunv2.zip 15 MB


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Awesome game the whole experience felt smooth and the art style had so much character keep up the good work. 


A very enjoyable experience. I love the way it felt, and very neat concept of coloring a coloring book using the blood of your enemies! (I did find something weird though, I didn't know how to exit the game, had to Alt + F4, so you might look into that, unless I overlooked something!